How to make a YouTube Analytics report in Google Data Studio using Parameters

We’re going to show you how to build a simple YouTube Analytics report in Google Data Studio using the new input parameter feature. This feature allows the end-user to make a new report by changing the External Video Id.

The first step is to connect Data Studio to your YouTube account. It’s important that you are the content owner on YouTube or you will have difficulties.

The next step is to style your Data Studio report by adjusting the theme settings–we’ll go with Dark Mode–and adding a header.

Now we get to add some metrics. We will use comparison date range features here.

Let’s add some cool visuals by bringing in the Video Thumbnail and the Title directly into the report. This will become dynamic when we add the new parameter input.

Now for the magic. Let’s grab an input parameter field. This will change all the metrics on the report including the Thumbnail and Title.

And now the users can easily create a YouTube Analytics report in Data Studio that’s dynamic – and respective of the new user input. This is a great way to create a slide deck spotlighting each video.

Look for our part II of this series where we will show you to use Vegalite and Community visualizations to create a grid of small multiples.