Professional Website Analysis for Free – But There’s a Catch

Ok – you read that right. I’m offering an hour of free Professional website analysis. The catch – I’d like to record us over Zoom and share our session with the analytics community.

I’m making this offer because I want real-world websites to share the analysis and insights with the community. When there are no stakeholders – or the stakeholders don’t have buy-in to your process – there is no magic; there are no actionable or meaningful insights. 

Analysis in the abstract has no teeth. There is no magic. Stakeholders must be enrolled in the search for insights.


I want to bring this community along for some of the magic. I want to show you how we derive insights and surface the unseen. In order to do that, I need real-world examples. And in those real-world examples, I want to show as much of the Google Analytics interface (and your data) as possible. And that’s the catch. I’m offering an hour of free analysis – but you must be willing to share a snapshot of your Google Analytics data in the recording.

The more real we can make this, the better it will be. So I’m only taking brave businesses that are comfortable with radical transparency. 

If you’re interested – @ me on Twitter